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june.kim[ June Kim ] 米国版
I’m an Editorial Fellow at MIT Technology Review, reporting on the intersection of climate, energy, and technology. I’m passionate about using data and graphics to tell compelling human stories. Previously, I produced broadcast and multimedia news at various media organizations in the United States and South Korea, covering topics ranging from immigration to music to public health.
  1. 2023.11.28
  2. 2023.11.07 電化だけではない脱炭素への道、「熱電池」は重工業を救うか
  3. 2023.10.30 熱電池で重工業を脱炭素化、スタートアップが初の大規模製造施設
  4. 2023.10.09 温暖化対策に熱エネルギー・ネットワーク、全米で取り組み相次ぐ